Car park & Camping


Thank you to focus on the entry Spectators-Visitors through the tunnel "Ster", with car parks P1 & P2.

The parking charges are set at the discretion of those in charge of the circuit, and in favour of the latter. As such our organisation is in no way involved in this costing.

Motorbike: 5,00 € / day
Car: 5,00 € / day
Camping car + tent: 25,00 € / WE
Mobile home: € 25,00 / WE

Campsites and motorhomes into the parking P1 and P2 along the circuit are managed by the people in charge of the Spa Circuit.

To get more detail sabout Campsites and motorhome, please get in touch with :
Sylvain KERTEN
Circuit Spa-Francorchamps
Phone : 00 32 (0)87 29 37 07
E-Mail :


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