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[ Testing Thursday 22 ]


Race 1 : Spa 3 Hours


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Here is a short presentation of the race. Please get in touch directly with the promoter of the serie for more information.
Regardless of the technical eligibility of the car in relation to the race/series, each car (and driver) must comply with the minimum safety equipment required to enter the Spa Summer Classic.

Touring Cars (TC) : from 1947 till 1976
Grand Touring Cars (GTS) : from 1947 till 1976
Grand Touring Prototypes (GTP) : from 1947 till 1965
Two-seat racing cars, open or closed (TSRC) : Cubic capacity under 2000cc : from 1947 till 1965

Practices : 45 minutes
Race : 180 minutes

Endurance race at night fall; Refuelling at the Total petrol station (Eau Rouge)

Information for the drivers

Logbook of the meeting

Access to the paddocks

Oil pollution

Regulations & Procedures


Licence check & Briefing


Security Fire Instructions

Timetable for the 3 days


Scrutineering Schedule



Map of the paddocks


Safety equipment


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