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L’épreuve phare du meeting accueille les voitures de Tourisme et les GT d’avant 1965. Pendant un demi-tour d’horloge, 2 ou 3 pilotes se relaient derrière le volant de montures ayant souvent écrit les plus belles pages de l’histoire du sport automobile, à l’image des Ford GT40, Porsche 911, AC Cobra, Aston Martin DB4 GT, Jaguar Type-E… sans oublier les voitures de Tourisme comme les Alfa Roméo Guilia, Ford Mustang, ou Mini.
La magie de cette épreuve tient à la fois dans sa durée et dans sa partie nocturne. Le ballet des phares dans le Raidillon, les ravitaillements et les stratégies de course vont vous faire revivre la magie des courses d’endurance d’antan !

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- Qualif: friday, 90min
- Race: Saturday, 360min


A 3-hour endurance race for Touring and GT up to 1976, at night fall, for 2 or 3 drivers.
The famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit, with its technical nature and its beautiful setting, remains a perpetual challenge for the best of drivers.

The Belcar Historic Cup returns this year to offer a passionate show for lovers of historic cars. With a focus on oldtimers and youngtimers built up to 2000, this series invites you to relive the grandeur of these legendary vehicles, feel the power of their engines resonate and admire their distinctive aesthetics.

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SuperSixties 2023 is a series of single competitions in six events, without any form of championship or ranking. SuperSixties remains – just as it always was under the NKHTGT flag – the historic racing class for FIA appendix K touring cars and GTs built between 1947 and 1965.

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NK GT&TC: Dutch Championship for Touring and GT from ’66 to ’81 (with PTH). 
TRIUMPH COMPETITION & BRITISH HTGT: In addition to the Triumph range, from the Spitfire to the TR8, many brands up to the year of manufacture 1981 join the race: Austin Healey, Jaguar, Marcos, MG, Morgan, TVR…

The CanAm & Sportscars Series brings the top brands of touring cars, two-seater race cars and GTs to the circuit, including icons such as Lola, Chevrolet, Lotus, Porsche and BMW.

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The Motor Classic Open Formula welcomes the roars of the F3 2.0, Formula Renault 2.0, F4 2.0 and all similar Formulas having officially participated in a championship of one of the aforementioned groups.
This series is the perfect opportunity to experience the intricate mechanics and bold shapes of these iconic "open wheel" vehicles. Come and discover why these cars are considered the queens of freedom on the track. Formula Renault 2.0, F4 2.0 and all similar Formulas having officially participated in a championship of one of the aforementioned groups.

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This series invites you to dive into the fascinating world of two-seater GT, touring and racing cars from the years 1947 to 1965. This event is a celebration of the intricate mechanics and elegant shapes of these legendary vehicles.
In addition to admiring the heroines of this competition, you will be able to see them in action during two 20-minute qualifications, followed by two thrilling 30-minute races.

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A two-hour endurance race for GTs and touring cars built between 1947 and 1981, under FIA Appendix "K" regulations.

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The racing series was created in 1993. On the grid, cars that many spectators have had themselves, such as BMW 2002, VW Golf and Mini, Ford Escort, but also dream cars such as BMW M3, Renault Alpine, Lotus Sunbeam and Esprit and exotics such as Porsche 935, BMW M1 Procar, 911RSR and many more.

The BRCC is accessible for all types of BMW racing cars up to and including 1990. From the small 700cc to the mighty M1, but we also hope to see the famous CSL and the legendary E30 M3 on our grid.

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